For Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups

Whether you’re new to business or have been growing for a few years, it’s imperative you know your numbers! That means, quite simply, your books must be organized and up to date. At times it’s hard to imagine the amount of paperwork that crosses your desk in a given day but if you want to be able to make quick decisions for strategic business growth, you need to be aware of what’s happening IN your business.

At 4 Key Corners Bookkeeping, we’ll streamline your record keeping – the earlier the better – as that will ease interactions with your accountant and with the Canada Revenue Agency (and yes, you will be dealing with the CRA).

Your first step is to contact us.  We’ll schedule a no obligation appointment to see which package is best suited for you. This may take about 90 minutes so we fully understand your needs and how we can best keep your business in the flow.